by Mesmur

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The third album "Terrene" from international death/funeral doom act Mesmur is a colossal and moving sonic rendering of a dying world. Where their 2017 album S operated on a cosmic scale, Terrene explores similar themes of entropy and impending chaos in a more terrestrial context, and is rife with the suffocating dirges and toxic atmosphere the band is known for. Featuring guest flute and cello performances by Don Zaros of Evoken and the Russian Nadia Avanesova, and another stunning cover design by Ukranian painter Cadaversky, Terrene reaches new levels of scope and ambition for Mesmur in their objective to create a vast and immersive doom metal experience.

"Mesmur know how to create something tragically beautiful as Terrene displays raw emotions over the course of an intense yet dreamlike musical journey."
- Nine Circles

"an album of both crushing agony, and sublime beauty, of deep melancholy and sorrow"
- Metal Wani

"there’s quite a bit to like here as no one does it quite like Mesmur when it comes to exponentially atmospheric doom/death... a very immersive experience that feels like the the death knell of an alien world that we can only grasp partially, in short musical glimpses."
- The Grim Tower

"an engaging, absorbing experience, one which is well worth having for any fan of funeral doom"
- Wonderbox Metal

"Terrene is an album that enters of right in the restricted number of funeral doom excellences well beyond the temporal enclosure of this 2019"
- Grind on the Road

"Is it a game changing album? Time will tell, but once heard it’s hard to not think that it really should be recognised as such."

"A top segment in the genre"
- Metalfans.be

"strong both from the technical side and in matters of atmospheric. It can be seen that the musicians are experienced and passionate fans of their craft."
- Homo-Faber

Solitude Productions:


released November 29, 2019

Jeremy L - Guitars, Synth
Michele M - Bass
John D - Drums
Chris G - Vocals

Flute on Babylon by Don Zaros
Cello on Eschaton by Nadia Avanesova

Recorded/Engineered by Mesmur
Mixed by Jeremy L
Mastered by Evgeny Semenov

Cover Painting by Cadaversky


all rights reserved



Mesmur Wilmington, North Carolina

An echoing thud in the chamber of human suffering, Mesmur aims to capture the sounds of a world that was doomed from the beginning.

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Track Name: Terra Ishtar
Accursed fog
Descends and spreads
Scorching the firmament
The fetid air chokes the earth
With diseased hands
Spirit corroded
Body devoured
Memory of life
Razed to ash

Murky light casts shadows of remorse
On a burning lake of acid tears
Shimmering faces of admonition
Reflected gaze of condemnation

I laid the foundation of this hell
I shaped this world with my own hands

A broken land
Cleansed by fiery winds
The swollen sun
Casts its callous judgement,
Ignites the scourge
Of an endless road,
Eternal path of punishment and regret
Track Name: Babylon
Lifeless frozen permanence
As far as the eye can see
Dying, our sun fades to black
What once was is now gone
Wastelands, littered with all but life
Uninhabited for eternity

Ahh Babylon

A ghost town for demons is all that's left
A garrison of carrion spirits
Garrison of loathsome carrion birds
The only thing left of Babylon is blood
The blood of saints and prophets
The murdered and the martyred

Oh Babylon, the whole earth has drank the madness in your wine
Now a day has come when you must pay for every crime

Our death will come slowly
The nights become longer
False hope, false gods
Nothing but lies
Captive in our own delusion

A ghost town for demons is all that's left
A garrison of carrion spirits
Garrison of loathsome carrion birds
The only thing left of Babylon is blood
The blood of saints and prophets
The murdered and the martyred
Track Name: Eschaton
Void of hope
Faith gone
Nothingness devours
Extinction assured
Null, slate wiped clean
Utterly blanked out
Unto the metagalaxy
Scattered throughout existence
Particles of ancient origin

The charred and broken bones of cities
The frigid breath of a sunless sky
Sores in the earth bleed liquid fire

Cursed fate, scorched dust
Ash cloud, the sun black, forgone
Life is revoked
Fallow, this vast space once more

The day the world ends
No one will be there
Just as no one was there when it began
This is a scandal
Such a scandal for the human race
That it is indeed capable collectively, out of spite
Of hastening the end of the world by all means
Just so it can enjoy the show
Track Name: Caverns of Edimmu
Morose subsistence
Befouled dwellings
Unreal providence
Discoloured flesh
Insanity calls
Wretched life
Festering bodies
Morbid age

Life confined underground
No daylight, only flame
Born of earth and disease
Catacombs, our home
Severance from all that was
Now entombed alive
At the end of it all
Pitiful excuse for life
There’s none more deserving than the human race
Suicide, common practice
No other release as the doom unfolds
Eulogy unspoken
Our failures resonate
In timeless folds of space

Twisted becomings
Derive foundations
Lurking beneath us
Thrives that which succeeds us

No longer lucid
Trapped within these walls
Buried in our filth
Death will become us
Emptied of all thought
Drained and bewildered
Born of undoings
Comes such redemption

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